Dogs are some of the most loyal pets you could ask for, which means we have plenty of feel-good stories involving dogs and their love for their owners. Many of these pooches have pulled off some life-threatening stunts, all to save their owners. 

That’s where we’re focusing today. Last month, a hound saved her owners from a blazing inferno. While the moment was terrifying for the family at the time, they’re now even happier to call their dog truly a part of the family. 

Meet the Family

Joe and Marie Winthrop have lived in Wyoming for most of their lives, but they never needed a Wyoming car accident lawyer before last month. They’ve lived on a farm for most of their lives, taking regular trips into the nearest city to gather groceries, clothes, and anything extra they can’t produce on the farm. 

Most of the time, they also brought their dog along, a redbone coonhound named Ronnie. She loved riding between her owners while out on a ride. But this past trip was interrupted by a breakdown in the steering wheel. Ronnie got out with only minor injuries, but her owners were still inside. Worse, a small fire had already started. 

How Their Hound Saved the Day

It was like Ronnie knew exactly what to do. Marie was able to crawl free of the wreckage, but her husband was still unconscious. She couldn’t drag him out—but Ronnie could. The big dog grabbed him by the shirt and tugged, until he was completely free of the burning car. Then, it was time to get help. 

Unfortunately, they were away from civilization during their Wyoming car accident, out in the middle of farmland and woods. It would take time for anyone to pass by, but Ronnie didn’t hesitate. The hound started baying and howling right away, sprinting toward the nearest homestead. Fortunately, they had a phone, and soon, an ambulance was on the way. 

A Happy Ending 

Luckily, everyone escaped the accident without life-threatening injuries. Joe suffered a minor concussion, and Ronnie lost a little hair while pulling her owner out of the burning car, but otherwise, no one suffered any other major injuries. 

Of course, they all acknowledge that it could have been much worse without Ronnie. Now, she gets her pick of doggy beds, all the time she wants lying in the sunshine, and plenty of treats for her bravery. 

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